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DAO.Casino Announces Blockchain Based Decentralized Ethereum Gambling Ecosystem

Bitcoin Press Release: DAO.Casino’s Ethereum blockchain based platform ensures safe, secure and profitable gaming experience while rewarding active participation.

March 10, 2017 – DAO.Casino’s Ethereum smart contracts based software expresses a practical business logic to support the growth of a fair and sustainable gaming and gambling industry. It offers a unique socio-technical protocol, which creates a fine balance between the platform’s usability and its autonomous economic infrastructure.

DAO.Casino, with its decentralized business model, creates a democratized gambling platform where everyone involved, irrespective of the designation, are recognized and rewarded for their contribution. The platform has tentatively scheduled the release for April 2017.

Be it players, developers or investors, DAO.Casino has a lot of offer to each one of its associates.

Business Model

DAO.Casino’s decentralized business model means that the project’s developers are as much as same as anybody who brings value to their platform. That’s the beauty of the system: it appreciates the participants and rewards them likewise.

DAO.Casino’s code is administered by mathematics — a cryptographically verifiable Ethereum powered code that automatically distributes funds amongst all the participants who bring value: developers, referrers, and random number providers.

Ilya Tarutov, the CEO of DAO.Casino explaining the choice of Ethereum protocol said,

“There are ways of providing a much better experience for the players and the game devs while creating a sustainable business model that scales. Ethereum provides a very useful technology to achieve this.”

For the Players

The existing gaming and gambling infrastructure is hugely rigged, and players have turned out to be the biggest victims of unfair betting outcomes. There is no such thing as a trusted third party as each gaming service, at some point in time manipulates the results to suit their business models. And the saddest part is the inability of players to call/prove the bluff, because the betting outcomes are calculated behind the curtains.

So, the first and the foremost thing DAO.Casino focuses on is usability. With usability, the platform wants to provide a perfect mixture of straightforward user-experience, provable fairness, and higher payouts.

To sum it up, these are some of the benefits users can receive by using DAO.Casino:

  • Straightforward UX
  • Discover unlimited provably fair indie gambling games
  • Choose the most suitable UI
  • Get higher payouts
  • Take part in a potentially largest lottery on Ethereum

For the Game Developers

DAO.Casino wants to eliminate a developer’s need to rely on closed-source gaming markets, where s/he hardly has any rights to monetise their work, raise funds for development or expect to bankroll without paying hefty commissions.

With its focus on offering a sustainable, attack-resistant platform, DAO.Casino offers a safe and thriving environment to developers in which they can build games freely, raise funds and bankroll without needing to rely on centralized models. So, with the platform, developers get to receive:

  • Scalable P2P marketplace
  • P2P referral system support
  • Possibility of raising funds for the bankroll
  • Build own Casino (front-end)
  • Verifiably genuine RNG provided by DAO.Casino
  • Retain the intellectual property

For the Token Holders

DAO.Casino token holders don’t just hold tokens under their mattress. Any member of the DAO.Casino can contribute & get rewarded for their active engagement. They can,

  • Invest token in any game’s bankroll and earn % from the game profits
  • Become a referrer & help players with platform discovery
  • Become providers of random numbers used by games.

DAO.Casino tentative first release is in April 2017.

Project Features

Resilient: Tokens are distributed amongst many contracts.
Fair distribution: Reward system is transparent & automatic (not controlled by a central authority).
Open & Extensible: Anyone can add a game or run their own casino UI.
Sustainable: Maintained by many participants.

Token Features

  • In-game currency – A native token to speed up transactions within the house
  • Random Number – Token holders can become providers of random numbers used by games.
  • Bankroll backing – Token holder can back any game of choice

Coming soon

During the month of March, DAO.Casino will be publishing:

  • A detailed system architecture
  • Token distribution & functionality details
  • Detailed description of RNG
  • Initial Solidity contracts
  • Security audit results

With its ethos and dedication to providing a provably fair, user-friendly experience DAO.Casino looks forward to creating a great future business for players and programmers alike.

About DAO.Casino

DAO.Casino is an open ecosystem for gambling games that doesn’t rely on a trusted third party. Its decentralized governance system built on Ethereum offers rewards to developers, security auditors, and community members for their contribution to the platform where players can discover and play scam-free games with a straightforward user interface.

Learn more about DAO.Casino at –
Visit DAO.Casino’s blog –
Follow DAO.Casino on Twitter at –

Media Contact

Contact Name: Ilya Tarutov
Contact Designation: CEO, DAO.Casino
Contact Email:

DAO.Casino is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.



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DAO.Casino Announces Blockchain Based Decentralized Ethereum Gambling Ecosystem

ARK Mainnet Goes Live on March 21, 2017, Token Distribution to Follow

Bitcoin Press Release: ARK blockchain ecosystem gears up for the mainnet (main blockchain) launch on March 21, 2017.

March 9, 2017, France – The blockchain ecosystem, ARK proudly announces the launch of its mainnet — the ARK blockchain on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. Along with the genesis block, the platform will also generate all the ARK tokens for distribution amongst the Token Exchange Campaign (TEC) participants.

A result of few months of extensive coding and testing, the mainnet launch will mark a major accomplishment for both the ARK Crew and ARK Community. The team behind the development of mainnet prioritized core’s stability over the speed of delivery to ensure a flawless, efficient system. ARK Crew expresses its gratitude to the understanding community that has been supporting them all along.

Once the genesis block is created on March 21, 2017, at 19:00 UTC, the crowd sale participants will be able to visit to claim their ARK tokens. They can start withdrawing the tokens into their personal ARK wallets or addresses. ARK TEC participants and community members can also download an updated version of the ARK personal desktop wallet from the website before March 21st. At the same time, ARK insists existing wallet users to upgrade their ARK wallets to the latest mainnet version before launch.

The ARK Crew will soon start adding bounties to the Token Exchange website or manually process them after the mainnet launch, ensuring ample time for verifying the network before distribution. ARK will make the exchanges available to the community during the initial launch period. While additional details about the exchanges are limited at this time, the platform will soon update more information on its Slack Chat and official blog during the mainnet launch.

About ARK

A new decentralized digital asset token, ARK is based on a much-advanced blockchain technology and is meant for mass consumer adoption. ARK, with its extensive capabilities, incorporates some of the best features like SmartBridge Technology, allowing it to communicate with other blockchains. It uses Encoded Listeners that listens for any communication sent via the ARK SmartBridge vendor fields inserted as small code snippets by participating blockchains. The SmartBridge can be utilized by other coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even SmartBridge Apps.

ARK is the first Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus based cryptotoken, with initial upgrades like HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) Wallets. ARK has made significant improvements to its DPoS algorithm and the Lisk codebase from which it was forked.

ARK Updates

Significant upgrades made to ARK ecosystem includes the replacement of sidechains with SmartBridge, removal of custom node version, UI (for stability and security reasons), changes in constants like block time, block rewards, etc.

ARK now adds simple PBFT before forging a new block. It has also made some changes to the address format, keeping it close to the Bitcoin type addressing format while enabling HD Wallet (as per BIP32) functionality. Other changes include completely rewritten node management (using single Node-Manager and messaging system), forging round management (removal of mem-round, reward block fee to forger – zero delay reward) and an addition of 64 bytes Vendor Field as the first SmartBridge iteration.

In-memory Peer management processing for improved efficiency, strengthened transaction management and broadcast core functionality, division of relay nodes and forging nodes, modified nodes broadcast pattern for improved transaction speeds and SPV support for lite clients are some of the other additional updates included in the mainnet.

Once the ARK mainnet is launched, the platform intends to add IPFS as first class citizen (using SmartBridge addressing), improve the protocol (uncle forging, voting weights), remove unsecure APIs and create routing tables.

The ARK network is secured by 51 delegate nodes, chosen by a voting process involving public votes with ARK tokens. Each ARK token containing wallet will be eligible to cast one vote during the launch. However, once the mainnet starts operating smoothly, the voting mechanism will change to support multiple votes per wallet.

Approximately one week after the mainnet launch, ARK will introduce Community Forging at block 75,600, allowing anyone to run a forging node by making use of the ARK Commander Node installer and monitoring tool (instructions available on the blog). ARK has successfully tested 25 transactions per second, with 8 second block times on its testnet. However, the newly launched mainnet will be hard coded for 5 TPS, to be scaled on demand.

ARK once again expresses its gratitude to the community and ARK TEC participants for making the initiative possible. It invites people to submit their queries, support requests, and suggestions on the official ARK Slack channel.

Learn more about ARK at –
Access ARK whitepaper at –
ARK on Bitcoin Talk –
ARK on GitHub –
Learn more about SmartBridge at –

ARK Crew Interviews

Managing Director –
Managing Director and Lead Developer –
Managing Director and Board Member –

Media Contact

Contact Name: Travis Walker
Contact Email:
Location: France

ARK is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.



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ARK Mainnet Goes Live on March 21, 2017, Token Distribution to Follow

Oshi Bitcoin Casino Launches Revolutionary Custom Bonus Feature

Bitcoin Press Release: Oshi Bitcoin Casino now allows players to customize in-game spins and bonuses with its new bonus feature “Build Your Bonus”.

March 8, 2017, Curacao – Oshi Casino has announced their exclusive personalized bonus system. The “Build Your Bonus” system offers players a unique betting experience by enabling them to modify both the number of in-game spins and the bonus percentages.

The new feature, launched on January 31, 2017, doesn’t force the players to stick to generic bonus settings. The “Build Your Bonus” feature lets new players utilize custom dials to choose a balance between 500 free spins at one end of the dial and a maximum bonus of 150% on the other. The bonus percentage selected will affect the number of free spins and vice versa. The bonuses are slightly smaller for established Oshi Casino veterans, but a seasoned Oshi Casino player can still receive a maximum 40% match bonus. When the match dial is at 0%, players entitled to a reload bonus can also receive up to 80 Free Spins.

After choosing the preferred currency, the player can select their specific bonus settings. The unique settings will create a bonus code in the box below, which can be easily copied via clipboard and entered at the deposit stage. To take advantage of this unique new bonus feature, a minimum deposit between €10 and €48, or 0.02 BTC and 0.096 BTC is required. In addition to Bitcoin, Oshi Casino supports fiat currencies such as USD, AUD, RUB, and SEK. The custom bonus generated using the “Build Your Bonus” feature can be availed once every day.

Besides the custom bonus feature, Oshi Casino offers a range of special offers including Deposit Free Welcome Package, a 15 Free Spin Offer, as well as weekly and daily reward bonuses.

Right now, there is a huge plethora of Bitcoin Casinos to choose from. But very few of them offer players the unique experience of customizing their bonuses. With this new bonus feature, a quick registration process, provably fair gaming and a strong focus on online Casino Games, Oshi Casino presents itself as a very attractive option for online players looking for a slightly more personal touch to their betting experience.

About Oshi Casino

Launched in 2016, Oshi Casino is a fully licensed platform owned and operated by Direx N.V. The platform offers a range of game titles from leading providers like SoftSwiss, NetEnt, BetSoft, Amatic, Endorphina, Ezugi, Habanero, iSoftBet, MtSlotty and Pocket Dice. Oshi Casino is a provably fair platform certified by iTech Labs. The games offered on Oshi Casino includes Slot games, Table games, Roulette Wheels, BlackJack, Live Tables, Poker-based Games, Video Poker and Card Games.

Learn more about Oshi Casino at –
Access Oshi’s Build Your Bonus feature at –

Media Contact

Contact Name: Tzvi Shishler
Contact Email:
Location: Curacao

Oshi Casino is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.



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Oshi Bitcoin Casino Launches Revolutionary Custom Bonus Feature

CoinIdol to Hold Public Trial of Scammers Who Stole $10 mln in Bitcoin

Bitcoin Press Release: News Outlet invites every FinTech news outlet and every member of the crypto-community to join the jury in the case, where scammers have allegedly stolen about $10,000,000.

March 7, 2017 –, the Blockchain News Outlet that has an audience in 174 countries, is taking the role of organizer of a public trial.

To learn more about the case and rules of the public trial please visit:

When asked if it is not a job for international police George Gor founder of CoinIdol responded,

“The answer is simple. Blockchain projects got used to self-regulation instead of state regulation. The order is not settled. The biggest project, based on Blockchain technology, known as Bitcoin, is solving every question with public polls. The crypto community votes on what to do about every problem associated with Bitcoin. They don’t attract any authority. Moreover, Bitcoin was created to avoid authorities. Bitcoin is not recognized as a currency in many countries of the world. There are lots of countries where cryptocurrencies are called candy wrappers. Is it right to ask the police to regulate cases, where these candy wrappers were stolen? How do you regulate international scam cases with Bitcoin not in a single country but in the whole world? Why is it not a job for the crypto community?” wants to set a precedent, of how the community can solve legal issues that is not protected by the law. CoinIdol is aware that this very first trial is experimental. George continues,

“We are afraid of the results much more than anybody. We are not sure that this is the right way, but someone should dare to be first.”

The second reason for hosting the public trial is that news sites are the first system used by scammers during so-called false ICOs. Scammers and fraudsters ask them to write articles or display banners to advertise them. George Gor continues,

“Can the whole crypto world set a precedent, when we force scammers, who have stolen up to $10 mln in Bitcoin to pay $1,000 to charity? ”

The same scammers often turn to other media platforms, advertising and PR-agencies as well. Some of these platforms may agree to such jobs without properly checking all the details, and as a result, accidentally help fraudsters steal money from other people’s pockets. Johanna, COO and co-founder of Bitcoin PR Buzz comments,

“This raises two very important philosophical questions, both of which I battle on a weekly basis: Is it okay to scam the scammer and can an industry without law be lawful?”

Coinidol is asking every member of the crypto community to vote and answer these questions. As well as the honorary members, who we invited to be the leaders in this process:

– Charles Hoskinson, former CEO of Ethereum;
– Nathan Wosnack, Founder and President of Ubitquity LLC;
– Richard Kastelein, Founder of;
– Alex Matanovic, Co-Founder of Serbian Bitcoin Association
– Roger Ver, Bitcoin Jesus, Founder of;
– Rupert Hackett, Board Director at Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association;
– Bas Wisselink, Co-Founder at NXT Foundation;
– Eric Grill, CEO of CoinOutlet, a Bitcoin ATMs company;
– Stephen DeMeulenaere, Co-Founder of Coin Academy;
– Ivan Tikhonov, Founder of

Update 03/09/2017:

Nathan Wosnack, president of blockchain company Ubitquity, has chosen to resign.

“After careful consideration, and the feedback from colleagues along with my lawyer, I’ve been told I should withdraw from this public trial. It could result in legal ramifications along with bad publicity. I have heard from his friend that Jawad may seek legal action. Therefore, I’d like to ask to have my name removed from participating.”

The vote will end on March 17, 2017, GMT, and the results will be published on Monday, March 20, 2017, with comments from the jurors on why they have voted the way they did.

The voting formula is: the results of the community voting and honorary jury will be summed 50/50. We will take further action depending on the results of the voting. George finishes by saying,

“Please, support this initiative however possible with post, repost, like, comment or any other way. It doesn’t matter, if you have pros or cons, you should take part in this, if you are a member of the world crypto community. Cast your vote – don’t permit somebody else to decide for you”

To learn more and to vote please visit:

Media Contact Email:

Disclaimer: CoinIdol is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors, the information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


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Source: Bitcoin Press Releases
CoinIdol to Hold Public Trial of Scammers Who Stole mln in Bitcoin

OroCoin Now Trading on C-Cex and Other Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges

by cdnadmin

Bitcoin Press Release: OroCoin, the emerging “Gold Standard” of cryptocurrency is now available for trade on leading exchange platforms including C-Cex.

February 20, 2017, Belize City – The team behind OroCoin has successfully completed the launch phase of its cryptocurrency project. Following the successful launch, OroCoin is now trading on several major cryptocurrency exchanges, including

The OroCoin team, with an extensive experience in the cryptocurrency sector, believes to have created a unique and creative concept. They have worked on ensuring that the currency provides value to traders, hoarders and cryptocurrency miners alike.

OroCoin has lots of unique characteristics including fast confirmation times and quick adjusting difficulty. The difficulty adjustment feature is put in place to ensure profitable mining irrespective of the number of active miners at any point in time.

“’Oro’ is Spanish for gold,” said Horatio J, one of the lead developers on the OroCoin project. “With this project, we wanted to set a new ‘gold standard’ in the cryptocurrency space, creating an asset that was fun and profitable for everyone,” he added.

The next stage of the OroCoin project is to build and grow a presence within the cryptocurrency community. It will include activities surrounding dissemination of information and building relationships with other cryptocurrency businesses. Additional goals for the development and promotion of OroCoin along with the roadmap is available on the cryptocurrency’s website.

OroCoin can be bought and sold on exchanges such as, Cryptopia, and Nova Exchange. Links to these exchange platforms are available on

About OroCoin

OroCoin (translates to “gold coin”) is a unique cryptocurrency that is on its way to becoming a new gold standard in the cryptocurrency industry. Based on the Scrypt PoW consensus algorithm, OroCoin distinguishes itself from others by pegging its block rewards to gold’s value.

Learn more about OroCoin at –
OroCoin on GitHub –
OroCoin on BitcoinTalk –

Media Contact

Contact Name: Samantha Westin
Contact Email:
Location: Belize City

OroCoin is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

Counter Strike Server Gives Players Free Cryptocurrency HYPER (Bitcoin) Launched by HYPER Team

HYPER CS Server1


HYPER has recently set up a Counterstrike server where people can get FREE HYPER (a currency traded for Bitcoin) for fragging bots and earning achievements in the game such as planting the bomb, the bomb exploding, and defusing the bomb (HYPER CS Server IP: Beyond this, the team is also setting up Minecraft servers and plugins, an online HYPER arcade that will feature many indie game developers and games, resurrecting an old cult space 4X MMO that should be live on a server soon, as well as the main HYPER space MMO project that is consistently being worked on.

The HYPER Counter Strike server can be accessed at IP: and the server’s game stats can be seen at The server is fully scalable – the HYPER team plans to build a network consisting of thousands of CS players earning HYPER on the HYPER CS Server network.



The HYPER team is highly motivated and working day and night on delivering results. The vast majority of cryptocurrencies have very limited ecosystems and are for speculation only. HYPER is unique in that the coin will be embedded in a complex and growing ecosystem of gamers, traders and stakers.

The team for the original space based MMO HYPER will be developing has over 10 members – with artists, authors, coders, sound designers, a project manager, game mechanics specialists, science fiction fans, and more. Currently, the HYPER team is focused on completing the final HYPER MMO official game concept document, before beginning the ambitious project of creating the first MMO to be developed by a cryptocurrency in the world.

A sneak peek from the HYPER MMO game concept document:



HYPER is a space based 4X MMO space strategy game where players get paid the emerging cryptocurrency HYPER, through managing, growing and expanding their own intergalactic empire from humble beginnings.

Classic 4X games (such as Master of Orion, Sins of a Solar Empire, Endless Space) are big picture space strategy games with a focus on world building, technology research, expansion, diplomacy, resource management, economic management and more. Typically, as is the case with the HYPER MMO, players can choose from a number of Alien Races to play, each with different strengths and weaknesses which has a direct impact on the playing experience and the growth of their empire.

MMOs are Massively Multiplayer Online games which feature a persistent gameworld where thousands of players from anywhere on Earth interact, trade, work together, form agreements, break such agreements, earn virtual commodities, buy and sell these virtual commodities, and more. The game world is persistent in the sense that when players log back in, the world will still be there with the thousands of other players, and the resources and achievements the player has accumulated thus far in the MMO.

Half Game and half Galactic Empire Simulation, HYPER blends both 4X and MMO game tropes into a gaming experience whereby players establish, build and grow their own empire in a universe consisting of thousands of other players interacting, trading, forming and breaking alliances with each other and more.



Basic Concept:


HYPER is a game In which players grow and develop an intergalactic empire, which earns them the emerging cryptocurrency HYPER.


Background Story:


HYPER is set in the same universe as that in which we all inhabit, with one small difference. The setting is 10 000 years in the future, humanity has exploded into the cosmos, and discovered a universe where life is as abundant as the stars themselves.

In this moment of the grand arc of the human story, pre-space faring humans are referred to as pre-civilized – though conflicts and disputes do still arise between the many human and non-human worlds now sprinkled through the vastness of space.

Faster than light travel is achieved through the use of a scarce resource known as HYPER; which is only found in the bowels of certain decaying stars. HYPER is the premium resource in the Universe for which all else is traded.

Some alien races shun a monetary system altogether, but still obtain HYPER by other means: through direct harvesting, bartering or stealing. MMO game concept document to be completed and released officially soon …

In regards to the number of initiatives and projects the HYPER team has on the table, the HYPER team had this to say:

Our vision is to add value and sponsor hundreds of innovative online indie games and virtual worlds across the globe through the integration of HYPER. The success of any cryptocurrency depends on the extent of its ecosystem and the options available to users for using the coin to exchange it for other items of value. Due to the number of exchanges and online services and games which will support HYPER over the coming months and years we expect this coin to have a strong, diverse and growing ecosystem. The stronger the coin, the larger the projects we can sponsor and the more benefit we can bring to developers, gamers and end users of HYPER

HYPER is currently trading on solid and fast Bitcoin exchange Bittrex. With it’s 5% monthly proof of stake which is paid out daily to stakeholders, projects such as the HYPER Counter Strike server, upcoming Minecraft server, HYPER arcade, HYPER MMO project and more; HYPER is one of the more promising, original and driven cryptocurrencies to emerge for quite some time.

HYPER Counter Strike Server IP (Get FREE HYPER For Playing):
HYPER CS Server Stats:

To trade HYPER with BTC please go to:

HYPER on Bitcointalk:

Official HYPER forums for giveaways and to get involved:

HYPER website (new site coming soon): (New website coming soon)

HYPER Galactic Wallet Design:



ASIC Resistant Cryptocurrency CACHeCoin Features Accessible Mining And PoS / PoW Algorithm

Cachecoin Logo

CACHeCoin is an ASIC proof cryptographic currency similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, which implements not only a proof-of-work (PoW) system but also a low energy proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm to secure the network. CACHeCoin was released without any premine; early miners are therefore well-rewarded.

CACHeCoin gives users many options to choose the preferred mining strategy and can be energy efficiently staked using PoS, or mined with hashing power for those who prefer mining pools. CACHeCoin is compatible with all mining pools that support the Scrypt-Jane algorithm. CACHe is accessible for mining by the small scale miner as it is ASIC resistant, which prevents large million dollar investors from monopolizing the coin. CACHe also adjusts difficulty by implementing a logarithmic adjustment algorithm.

CACHeCoin utilizes PoS minting which generates more CACHeCoins for holders, when coins are retained in a wallet for at least 7 days. CACHeCoins´ PoS block require 520 confirmations; once the confirmations are made the staked coins become available again in the wallet. PoS is not very CPU intensive, requires no special programs and once coins have been in a CACHe wallet for at least 7 days new coins will be minted automatically. It is possible to exclude coins from PoS minting easily by using the Reservebalance setting.

With the launch of CACHeCoin a new Bitcoin alternative for the small scale miner has entered the crypto space. With versatile mining options like proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work together with its ASIC resistant features and no premined coins; CACHe may be a prosperous option for small scale miners and proof-of-stakers who like to be rewarded for simply holding coins in their wallet.

To learn more please go to:

CACHeCoin thread on bitcointalk:

To trade CACHe for Bitcoin:

Media Contact:

Name: Jasin Lee


** This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Please conduct your own due diligence.

Cachecoin Screenshot

Technical Specifications:

  • Scrypt-Jane Coin
  • No ASIC Miners
  • No Premine
  • Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake Mining
  • Block Reward: Inversely proportional to the difficulty
  • Difficulty adjustment every block
  • Difficulty adjustment algorithm: Logarithmic
  • Target of 15 minute block generation
  • Maximum of ~2 billion coins per transaction
  • Block maturity: 520 confirms
  • Transaction Maturity: 6 Confirms
  • Coin age of stake: 7 days
  • RPCPort: 2224
  • Network port: 2225

Bringing Cryptocurrency To Women Worldwide, Launches With 3 Million DNotes Giveaway

CryptoMoms Logo

The fact that the emerging world of cryptocurrency is overwhelmingly dominated by men has never been in dispute. As of April 2014, surveys show that currently the male to female ratio is 19:1, or 95% (male) to 5% (female). This troubling gender imbalance has been voiced by women’s advocates and discussed in different Bitcoin forums; but until now a highly focused and dedicated effort to change the playing field has been lacking.

Developed and fully funded by the same team who created DNotes, officially launched today in the Mid-West, USA; aiming to bridge the gender gap as clearly articulated in their mission statement: is a digital community center with a dedicated mission to encourage and assist women to participate in the emerging world of crypto currency overwhelmingly dominated by men. We begin by creating a culture of mutual respect for women with genuine efforts to help them acquire the basic knowledge about digital currency along with many earning opportunities. We will relentlessly pursue to accomplish our mission through multiple campaigns and outreach projects and invite the participation of our industry peers and advocates to join force with us.  We will set very specific quantifiable goals and sponsor creditable surveys to measure our achievement against those goals. For the common good of our industry we are committed to make a difference.”

The Cryptomoms forum is already buzzing with great enthusiasm and excitement. In a matter of days one can feel that a new culture is born. There is a great a sense of a family atmosphere, where everyone is genuinely excited to welcome new members, helping, teaching and inspiring each other.

While both men and women are welcome, there is a sense that there is some kind of super “girl power” taking charge that could change the male dominated world of cryptocurrency forever.

The official launch of will begin with a huge give away of up to 3 million DNotes. Participants who register and participate in the forum will be sent 250 DNotes to their wallet address. In anticipation that many will be new to the digital currency world Cryptomoms supporters will be on stand by to help. The site is already fully loaded with instructions and tutorial videos. For beginners, it is also recommended that they simply open an account with an exchange where DNotes is currently listed which includes Allcoin and Poloniex.

A spokesman from DNotes commented that for digital currency to become truly mainstream the huge gender imbalance must be corrected, as women control more than 50% of consumer purchasing power. He elaborated that DNotes is positioned as a serious digital currency, with a strong commitment to generating trust and support for its stake holders. In a never ending journey to build asset value for their stake holders: is the first of many ambitious web properties planned by the Dnotes team.

To see the Cryptomoms community please go to:

To learn more about Dnotes please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Alan Yong


CryptoMoms Screenshot

Vircurex Review – Trade and Exchange BTC, LTC, DVC, FTC, TRC, NMC, PPC, IXC, USD and EUR Cryptocurrency Exchange

Vircurex is a privately owned cryptocurrency exchange platform for BTC, LTC, DVC, FTC, TRC, NMC, PPC and IXC supporting the buying and selling of Bitcoins and its many derivatives. The platform offers buying and selling, underwriting options, coupons and a full trading API. Virtual currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Devcoin, Feathercoin, Terracoin, Namecoin, PPCoin, IXCoin can be exchanged for Euro,  USD, and each other on Vircurex. Vircurex is a respected member of the crypto community, withdrawals and deposits are always fast, and the owner Kumala always keeps users updated on the latest with the exchange.

Supporting a huge range of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, DVC, FTC, TRC, NMC, PPC, IXC and more, Vircurex is fast becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms out there. Enabling anyone, worldwide, to trade in and out of these many currencies in the alternative cryptocurrency ecoystem.

To begin trading on Vircurex with less trading fees please click here

Vircurex offers the largest selection online of any crypto exchange and trades the following currency pairs:

BTC Bitcoin Exchange:

Bitcoin / United States Dollars – BTC / USD

Bitcoin / Euro – BTC / EUR

Bitcoin / Litecoin – BTC / LTC

Bitcoin / Devcoin – BTC / DVC

Bitcoin / Feathercoin – BTC / FTC

Bitcoin / IXCoin – BTC / IXC

Bitcoin / Namecoin – BTC / NMC

Bitcoin / Terracoin – BTC / TRC

DVC Devcoin Exchange:


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PPC PPCoin Exchange: 


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