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Blockchain Mormons, ICOs, Aliens, Football: London Scene Round Up

Blockchain Mormons, ICOs, Aliens, Football: London Scene Round Up

Our London Correspondent on new ICOs, Mormons seeing the light in Blockchain, Satoshi, Blockchain entrepreneur abducted by aliens and CityChain 2017.

Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton, the Sage of Shoreditch, reports on new promising ICOs, Mormons seeing the light in Blockchain, Satoshi run over in Picadilly, Blockchain entrepreneur abducted by aliens and CityChain 2017 which was a huge hit!

In short, another exciting week in fintech capital whereby some Blockchain is apparently seen as a religion.

Proof of Donation

The Mormon church realized Proof of Donation consensus could be a blessing in disguise. Forget the West End play called “Book of Mormon” and let me introduce you to the Ledger of Mormon. Obsessed with record keeping, the church that is, it wouldn’t be long until it was adopted by one of the mainstream faiths.

“The Ledger of Mormon is the perfect place to record all donations that come from our communities” mentions Donald Osmund.

“The Mormon community is funded by its community members and from other donations, with each recorded on the Blockchain as a separate transaction where all members of the Mormon church can see what others are contributing.”

“We decided to adapt the Proof of Work consensus alogorithm as on Sundays the server room got hot which made the lights dim as the donations were processed in real time. So we came up with Proof of Donation that is less labor and resource intensive.”

ICO RoundUp

Among the upcoming ICOs, I am looking forward to is Metal. Announcing the ICO its founder Marshall Hayner told me about their Proof of Payments Processed consensus that allows everyone to get rewarded for every dollar spent. Other ICOs are Aeternity delivering Lightning-based Smart Contracts that is already active, and of course Cosmos and TaaS ICOs gaining pace with the big one Storj attempting to solve the decentralized storage challenges of Blockchain that is expected anytime soon.

Satoshi in Hospital

Satoshi gets run over by a chocolate lorry delivering Easter eggs.

CT: I got a call from Vittalark Buttering who seemed very panicked on Tuesday.

Vittalark Buttering: He is not that badly hurt you know.

CT: Who? Like I didn’t know.

VB: Satoshi’s been run over by a chocolate duck shaped van on Picadilly.

CT: Is he Ok?

VB: I think so, he is at the Royal Chelsea Hospital and I am on my way to see him. Apparently, he was impaled on chocolate bunnies and might not be able to eat chocolate ever again.

CT: Well that is a relief. Maybe he could design Proof of Cocoa.

But before I got an answer the line went dead and Vitallark was gone. We hope Satoshi makes a full recovery and he con continue to eat chocolate.

CityChain 17 lands at IBM Southbank

Following a successful Blockchain for Business People event to hot ticket, this week was CityChain 17 with some familiar names speaking.

The event didn’t disappoint as it was produced by ‘mbn solutions’ based in Glasgow who are at the center of the Scottish Blockchain movement which has seen Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Parliament support.

Hosted by Paul Forrest (Chair) and organized by Michael Young there was a healthy dose of Hyperledger ever present but it was Gideon Greenspan CEO CoinSciences and brains behind MultiChain that for me stole the show, although Dave Birch at Consult Hyperion was the audience’s favourite delivering an amusing talk announcing “Blockchain is a religion, not a technology” soundbite.

With talks from Simon Taylor, Director of Blockchain at 11:FS, Peter Bidewell at Applied Blockchain and John McLean of IBM CityChain have shown it was a well-rounded event, definitely one for your Blockchain Calendar.

Abducted Again

West Ham Football Club Fan and Blockchain entrepreneur abducted by aliens, again…

CT Catches up with Billy Whizz after another alien sighting when Billy’s pork pie goes missing.

CT: So Billy what happened this time?

Billy Whizz: As usual I had just purchased a pork pie on my way out of the ground where once again we let a 2 goal lead slip.

CT: Talk us through what happened…

BW: It was different to last time. I had just taken a bit of my pie when I was covered in a blue light.

CT: The police?

BW: Not it was over my head, and then I was in a misty room and it was really hot.

CT: You sure it wasn’t in the back of a Police Van?

BW: Are you going to take this seriously or not?

CT: Please continue.

BW: When I looked down my pie had gone, and I saw some shadows at the back moving around and it sounded like they were eating my pie.

Then I was back on the ground, in Upton Park Road, which is strange because West Ham doesn’t play there anymore.

CT: Did they tamper with you?

BW: Of course not I understand Blockchain you know…

Well, Billy, there is a pattern emerging, you shouldn’t buy food after the game as it seems the aliens are hungry at this time and are tracking you.

Source: Science of Crypto
Blockchain Mormons, ICOs, Aliens, Football: London Scene Round Up

FootballCoin Announces the Soft Launch of Its Cryptocurrency Powered Game Platform

Bitcoin Press Release: The cryptocurrency fueled FootballCoin fantasy sports game enters public beta, allowing gamers to take part in the new gaming revolution.

March 31, 2017, British Virgin Islands – FootballCoin, a cryptocurrency fueled football fantasy sports game has announced the soft launch of its platform. The soft launch will make the exciting platform available to the public in its beta form, marking the completion of its closed beta.

The blockchain-based Football Manager game allows players to create their own football team, manage the player roster and participate in competitions. The use of Bitcoin blockchain and Counterparty platform, with its own FootballCoin cryptocurrency (XFCCOIN), creates a perfect in-game economy with plenty of transparency. It also allows users (managers) to purchase and own collectible player cards and stadium cards. These cards offer a lot of benefits to the managers, and it also doubles as digital assets that can be stored and traded with others.

FootballCoin is the first blockchain-based football fantasy game. An initiative of Crowngem Limited, the FootballCoin project is entirely funded by the company and its representatives. The project has partnered with Sportradar, Perform Group and other leading sports and football statistics providers to keep the game as realistic as possible, which in turn makes the whole gameplay even more fascinating. The actual player and game statistics, supported leagues, and ownership of game assets make managing a virtual fantasy team on FootballCoin as challenging and exciting as a real team. At soft launch, the game covers the English, Spanish and Italian main leagues, which will be further extended in August following the start of new football season and the project’s global launch. New additions to the list of supported leagues will include major leagues of France, Germany and UEFA Champions League. The platform will also include more options based on the interests and requests received from the growing community.

The company is on a mission to connect the growing fantasy sports industry to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering the benefits of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to the masses. With its initiative, FootballCoin will drive cryptocurrency adoption among thousands of players. In order to ensure profitability for all participants, the platform has issued a limited supply of 1 billion XFCCOIN tokens on Counterparty platform. The finite number of tokens will drive the value of FootballCoin’s in-game cards and currency with growing participation. The use of XFCCOIN is not just confined to the game, and it can also be transferred, exchanged and traded for fiat, Bitcoin, and other altcoins. The President of FootballCoin, Octavian Batca said,

“The originality of the FootballCoin project lies in the fact that we took elements from popular games like Daily Fantasy Sports, Football Manager, and collectible card games to combine them with a new unique concept and a new platform to show the world the huge potential of the Bitcoin blockchain and crypto-technologies.”

The XFCCOIN dependent in-game economy, allows users to pay for entering the contests and purchasing blockchain-based football Player cards and Stadium cards with the cryptocurrency. Soon, cryptocurrency investors, players and fantasy e-sports enthusiasts can buy XFCCOIN with BTC at a discounted price during the pre-sale. The platform will also make the crypto-tokens available on some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges and official game stores. The prizes, bonuses and bounty programs on FootballCoin will also provide an additional option to gain XFCCOIN tokens.

The FootballCoin platform has lots of new features and services in store for the cryptocurrency community. The platform, soon after the crowdsale, plans to launch its own FootballCoin debit card to enable the use of cryptocurrency as a store of value and an instrument of payment. The FootballCoin debit cards will be supported by payment services accepting Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

Gaming enthusiasts, cryptocurrency community members, and individuals can now become part of the gaming revolution by taking part in the FootballCoin public beta and XFCCOIN crowdsale.

About FootballCoin

FootballCoin is a blockchain fueled fantasy football e-sport platform created by Crowngem Limited, a British Virgin Islands-based company. The privately funded platform blends cryptocurrency technology with traditional fantasy sports to create a universal gaming solution for users across the world.

Learn more about FootballCoin at –
Check out FootballCoin rules at –
Know more about the FootballCoin scoring system –

Media Contact

Contact Name: Octavian Batca
Contact Email:
Location: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

FootballCoin is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


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FootballCoin Announces the Soft Launch of Its Cryptocurrency Powered Game Platform