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Fintech Volatility Regulators MINEXBANK Hit the Exchanges with their Autonomous Algorithm Project, See a 9-Fold Increase in Price

Bitcoin Press Release: Minexcoin celebrate their third week of being officially exchange listed, and announce a 900% increase in price over that time frame, seeing recognition from CoinMarketCap as one of their “Biggest Gainers”

November 22nd , Hong Kong, China – About three weeks ago Minexcoin was listed on exchanges and presented a Memorandum of the autonomous algorithm for volatility regulation, known as MinexBank. We took a second look at this project to see how’s it going.

In a matter of weeks, MNX managed to achieve a 9-fold increase in price, and got into the “Biggest Gainers” list on CoinMarketCap, and strengthened at the price of $11. Now, as developers explain, the algorithm is being calibrated and the control over volatility will be ensured after reaching a price of $20 per coin. For those who are looking for mid- and long-term investments, it would be useful to read the Memorandum again.


for the period of 2017-2018

Dear members of Minexcoin community and the cryptomarket participants.

While entirely recognizing our responsibility to reach the main goal of Minexcoin project, namely, securing MNX with the status of reserve currency on cryptomarket, we at MINEXBANK would like to address you with this Memorandum.

From the moment of starting MNX trade at the stock exchanges on November 1, 2017, MINEXBANK is going to consistently process complex financial policy which aims to ensure the following macroeconomic indicators:

  • Reach the exchange rate of 20 USD/MNX in the near future – average rate through the basket of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.
    Provide an increasing exchange rate of MNX to USD upon reaching the above-mentioned rate by the end of 2017 on the basis of 42,7% annual growth. This level corresponds to average annual growth of market capitalization of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2016 – Q1 2017.
  • Next revision of the MNX growth rate to USD will be effected on March 1, 2018.
  • After March 1, 2018, the average annual growth rate of MNX to USD would be revised upwards based on realities of cryptocurrency market development. This is characterized by the significant growth of joint market capitalization in 2017 as compared to 2016.
  • The base annual parking rate of MNX will be reviewed every 6 months based on the assessment of changes occurring in the cryptocurrency market for the expired period. Based on the analysis of the growth rate of the cryptocurrency market for the last 6 months, the base annual parking rate is set at 85% now.
  • Special reservation: During the three months from November 1, 2017, there will be a period of creation and development of the MNX exchange market. The market will be formed in stages due to different terms of trades launching on various exchanges. In addition, there will be a process of testing and debugging the algorithm of Minexbank’s operation in real conditions (the development of a database and response tools). Therefore, deviations from the real macroeconomic parameters declared in the Memorandum are possible in the first three months.
    MINEXBANK will seek to achieve the above-mentioned indicators using corresponding parking rates of MNX or with direct BTC or MNX interventions, if necessary.

The total volume of preliminary MNX emission is 5 500 000 MNX. MINEXBANK’s reserve is 1 500 000 MNX out of the above-mentioned amount. The developers’ compensation is 1 000 000 MNX.

Developers have decided not to bring their coins to the market until the end of 2017. Hence the net money supply is 3 000 000 MNX while MINEXBANK reserve is 50% out of the net money supply. This testifies high level of the Bank procedures’ durability provided to stabilize the MNX market.

With the increase of the MNX volume in the market due to additional emission (work and miners’ reward) a gradual replenishment and increase of the reserves amount will be required. This growth will be ensured by a progressive percentage of deductions in favor of MINEXBANK for each unit unraveled by the miners:

  •   Blocks       1 – 900 001 = 20%
  •   Blocks       900 001 – 1 800 000 = 30%
  •   Blocks       1 800 001 – 2 700 000 = 40%
  •   Blocks       2 700 001 – 3 600 000 = 50%
  •   Blocks       3 600 001 – 4 500 000 = 60%
  •   Blocks       4 500 001 – 5 400 000 = 70%
  • After the coin issue is completed, starting from block number 5 400 001, miners will deduct a fixed 70% in favor of MINEXBANK.

We’d like to pay special attention of the MNX market participants to the following circumstance. MINEXBANK’s activity will be aimed at keeping the MNX quotes to USD within the 5% range of fluctuations relative to the representing the estimated growth rate of 42,7% per annum from the rate of 20 USD/MNX.

MINEXBANK urges all market participants to refrain from making deals outside the 5% corridor of  the exchange rate fluctuations in order to avoid possible financial losses.”

About MinexSystems

Minex Systems Limited”, a Hong Kong registered company, specializes in the blockchain product development. The company offers solutions which include the best of both conventional financial system and cryptocurrency ecosystem, and works on the unified Minex Platform. To date, the flagship product is an autonomous algorithm for controlling the volatility of MinexCoin named MinexBank.

Visit the Minex Systems Website:
View the Memorandum:


Disclaimer: Minex Systems is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. ROI cannot be guaranteed. Readers are urged to make investment decisions at their own discretion and the company will not be responsible for the outcome of such decisions. This press release may contain certain forward-looking statements that are not purely historical, including any statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, as there can be no assurance that the plans, intentions or expectations they are based on will occur.

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Source: Bitcoin Press Releases
Fintech Volatility Regulators MINEXBANK Hit the Exchanges with their Autonomous Algorithm Project, See a 9-Fold Increase in Price

ASTEROID Ltd. Launches ICO: DEMOCRATIZING SPACE – One BlockClaim® at a Time…

Bitcoin Press release: All indicators suggest that Asteroid Mining will become mainstream in the foreseeable future. Those individuals, companies and nation states that avail themselves of this inevitability will enjoy the significant projected financial rewards.

November 10, 2017, Hong Kong — Asteroid, Ltd. (“Asteroid”) made international headlines today with the announcement of a highly anticipated ICO.  A Blockclaim®, which resides on the Ethereum network, is Asteroid’s proprietary platform, the world’s only mechanism to establish claiming rights to the 600,000 Asteroids already identified in our near celestial orbit.  Asteroid will provide this platform registry, using a state-of-the-art blockchain distributed ledger.

NASA says, by their estimates, there is over $700 Quintillion Dollars in mineral resources in asteroids available to humankind.  That is over $100 Billion for every human being alive today.  But who owns it and how do we make our claim?

Asteroid, Ltd., through its proprietary BlockClaim® ecosystem will make it possible to Democratize Space and allow anyone the ability to lay claim to space. “The Outer Space Treaty” declared and ratified this in 1967.  Essentially, it said Space is for all humankind, no Nation State or Sovereignty may claim space as their own.

Simply put, The Stars Are Ours!

In essence, BlockClaims® may likely be to Space what Domains are to the Internet.

Asteroid, Ltd. proposes a unique implementation, using our proprietary mechanism called a BlockClaim®. The described system will be deployed worldwide to record mining claims both in a terrestrial environment and a non-terrestrial space environment. The proposed system will leverage smart contract techniques to automate a process whereby the dataset will define a mining claim.  Asteroid, Ltd. recognises, that to truly democratize space, a decentralized system must be established that will allow any individual, corporation or nation state the ability to easily and efficiently make their claim. Each BlockClaim® is essentially an immutable and secure smart contract utilising the blockchain to store a BlockClaim®. The platform will also combine solutions for searching and paying the registration fee for claims using ASTR® Tokens (“ASTRCOINS®”).

Each Blockclaim® will be secured via a token called ASTR® (ASTRCOIN®) within the Ethereum platform. This will ensure significant usage of the ASTRCOIN® currency, giving liquidity and growth in the value of the currency.

As Space exploration grows so will the value of ASTRCOIN®.  Immediate liquidity is achieved through the consistent registration of BlockClaims®.

Asteroid, Ltd. was founded in November of 2015 at Cyberport in Hong Kong, a significant facility dedicated to the incubation of technology leaders.  Our innovation team is stellar and provides the backbone to the technical, financial, creative and marketing expertise necessary to ensure the ongoing stability and financial viability of the technology.

The Asteroid ICO is not only unique but it allows for a heartfelt and enchanting opportunity, whereby the dreams of our youth may become the reality of our future.

A BlockClaim® may only be registered using an ASTRCOIN®.  Hence, the intrinsic liquidity of each ASTRCOIN® is a part of the ecosystem itself.  As each of us recognise our right to claim space, the BlockClaim® ecosystem using the ASTRCOIN® will enable millions of ongoing transactions.

Our ICO Pre-Sale is open. The Pre-Sale event is from 6th November 2017 and will run through 20th November 2017. The ICO will open to the public on 21st November 2017 through 18th December 2017. Only 100,000,000 tokens will be issued. The Pre-Sale discount is 75% to early contributors. Week 1 through week 4 provide a scaled bonus provision as seen on

ASTRCOIN®, a new currency with sustainable liquidity. 

ASTRCOINS®, upon completion of the Token Generation Event will freely trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.  Beyond this ASTRCOIN® may be used to register BlockClaims®.

To learn more about the ASTEROID ICO or contribute before it is too late, visit the official website at:

Pre-Sales: 06/11/2017 –  20/11/2017

ICO: 21/11/2017 –  20/12/2017

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• Website:
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Media contact:
Contact Name: Mr. J Walsh Jr. – COO
Phone: +852.6779.1787

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The post ASTEROID Ltd. Launches ICO: DEMOCRATIZING SPACE – One BlockClaim® at a Time… appeared first on Bitcoin PR Buzz.

Source: Bitcoin Press Releases
ASTEROID Ltd. Launches ICO: DEMOCRATIZING SPACE – One BlockClaim® at a Time…