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Blockchain Investment Platform Taklimakan Network Launches Pre-ICO

November 30, 2017, Singapore — The Taklimakan Network — a blockchain investment platform aimed at connecting cryptocurrency newbies and experts —  has announced the launch of its public pre-sale on December 12th, 2017.

The Taklimakan platform features an in-app private messaging, internal payment system, experts rating assignment, and the ability to comment and search for traders, investors, managers and analysts.

The Platform also offers a wide selection of opportunities for professionals, such as trust management offerings, email distribution of trading signals and analytical reviews among subscribers.

The Taklimakan Network provides users with the ability to make personal decisions on the cryptocurrency based on trading signals, strategies, recommendations from professional traders and crowd predictions, which are based on forecasting the exchange rate behavior and other analytical opinions derived from the mean value of data collection on the responses of all participants.

Periodic, analytical reviews of the crypto asset market and reports on blockchain projects prepared by experienced experts are sent to the platform users. Based on those reviews, users can find the most profitable and correct investment solutions.

Additionally, the platform offers investment portfolios created by experienced managers that are selected on the basis of platform recommendations and user voting ratings. Anyone can make a contribution to trust management for these portfolios, with the purpose of increasing capital.

Taklimakan Network also offers a large library of open source books, articles and other educational materials to help beginners understand the technology, and experts to further improve their proficiency.

“We are thrilled to launch such a cutting-edge strategy in crypto market,” said Rashid Yussup, managing partner and co-founder of Taklimakan Network. “By launching such trading and educational tool we are creating a strong connecting resource for beginners and experts in a way that both of them feel beneficial about the partnership.”

The Pre-sale starts on December 12th, 2017 at 10:00 UTC. Pre-sale investors will receive a 50% discount on the tokens they purchase. The main sale starts on January 20th, 2018 at 10:00 UTC.

Additional information on token sales

The token sale is divided into pre-sale and general sale campaigns. The base token price for the pre-sale is 30,000 TKLN per 1 ETH. In the general sale, 1 ETH will purchase 15,000 TKLN.

There are three stages during the pre-sales and ICO for purchasers to earn pricing discounts on TKLN tokens.


Every buyer who invests 10 ETH or in both the preliminary and general sales will be entered into a 1 million TKLN. Drawings for the lottery will happen after the general sale closes.

Winners will be picked using off-chain mechanisms, since the Ethereum Virtual Machine’s random number generator has limitations

Lottery winners will be chosen randomly with the utmost honesty and fairness. Prize payouts will be completed manually using the TKLN smart contract.

White paper:
Twitter: @taklimakan_net
Telegram: @taklimakan_en
Medium Blog: @taklimakan

Media Contact
Contact Name: Venera Osman

Taklimakan Network is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Blockchain Investment Platform Taklimakan Network Launches Pre-ICO

Lending App MicroMoney to raise $30Mln through an ICO in October, helping bring 2 Bln unbanked into The New Crypto-Economy

Myanmar – September 18, 2017 MicroMoney, a fintech institution from Eastern Asia, announces today its Initial Coin Offering set to launch on 18 October, 2017. The visionary company has big plans to transform the economy in emerging markets.

According to World Bank, 2 billions people around the world still don’t have a bank account. Unable to build credit, they lack access to basic financial services like personal loans and SME loans. This is a critical problem affecting local economies, especially in emerging countries like the Philippines, Thailand or Myanmar.

Micro-money offers a solution : helping people build their first credit history on the blockchain. It uses new technologies and Big Data to determine a person’s creditworthiness via an innovative neural scoring credit.

“We are proud of the fact that we can help people who have no access to the classical, but outdated centralized economy of bank” says Anton Dzyatkovsky, CEO and founder of MicroMoney

The company wants to lead the way towards to eliminating poverty with mobile and internet availability, along with financial inclusion. The founding team has a clear vision and set of goals following the ICO. Setting the sale hard-cap to $30 Mln, it plans to truly revolutionize the current economy situation in emerging countries around the world including regions Asia, Africa and South-America.

Anton Dzyatkovskii CEO and founder of MicroMoeny is also the lending director of Everest – a blockchain company with similar goals- where he has already raised 25M USD. With more than 15 years experience in the fintech industry and an extended understanding of the Asian market – Anton worked in Singapore and Thailand -. He is fully aware of what could be improve in those countries and believes strongly in changing the micro-industry.


MMT Token price is locked to $1 dollar per MMT Token. Maximum quantity of 60,000,000 will be issued and all the unsold tokens will be destroyed after Token Crowdsale. Purchases will be possible on

Token sale will start on October 18 2017. Pre-sale has already started on September 15 2017 with a 43% bonus on purchase during this period. Early investors will get bonuses as high as 25% bonus on day one.

MicroMoney for the people, Big Data for Businesses

The platform is already functioning in 5 countries and has helped a lot a people with modest resources. It has a large amount of feedback with gratitude. Data don’t lie, indeed, 73% of customers are returned customers for whom the platform opened brand new possibilities. 9 out of 10 customers got the first loan of their life!

It is important to note that behind its easy process lays a complex and sophisticated type of technology : Neural Scoring. Gathering more than 10 000 data from a person’s phone, algorithms can determine the creditworthiness of a person in a record-time of 15 sec. Smart contracts are now being developed to secure transactions within the platform.

Undeniably, with MicroMoney’s innovative Big Data & Credit History Bureau built on Blockchain, thousands of local Businesses will get access to millions of new customers.

“We’re developing a whole new ecosystem to power the New World Global Crypto Economy.” said CEO Anton Dzyatkovsky

Now, MicroMoney plans to expand to China, Hong Kong and by the end of 2020, the company aims to cover India, Africa and South America.

About MicroMoney

MicroMoney is a global FinTech company, focuses on Big Data platforms for banking and financial organizations and micro-financing in the money lending industry. MicroMoney began operations in 2015 and has developed into a fast-growing company with more than 200 employees across offices in Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. MicroMoney provides premium micro-financing services for lower income people, underbanked and unbanked customers in Asia.

Learn more about MicroMoney at
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Media Contact

Contact Name: Olga Rusakova
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Company: MicroMoney

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The post Lending App MicroMoney to raise $30Mln through an ICO in October, helping bring 2 Bln unbanked into The New Crypto-Economy appeared first on Bitcoin PR Buzz.

Source: Bitcoin Press Releases
Lending App MicroMoney to raise Mln through an ICO in October, helping bring 2 Bln unbanked into The New Crypto-Economy