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Caviar Team with 5-Year Track Record Pioneers Dual-Purpose Token for Crypto and Real Estate, Pre-Sale Begins November 28

Bitcoin Press Release: Global Advisors Join Established Caviar Team of Tech, Finance & Real-Estate Veterans with 5-Yr Track Record of Successful Multi-Million-Dollar Real Estate Debt Fund to Offer Solution-Based Approach in Diversifying Cryptocurrency Investments

28 November 2017, The Cayman Islands – Caviar has announced that the pre-sale of its ICO will begin on November 28 for its pioneering approach to build a dual-purpose token and crowdfunding platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Caviar’s token offers access to stable real estate and cryptocurrencies, with built-in downside protection and automatic diversification. The team behind Caviar has successfully managed a multi-million-dollar real estate debt fund since 2013, and brings years of experience and research to this project. Caviar is powered by Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM), an artificial intelligence algorithm, allowing for stronger predictive power and more effective asset allocation. In addition, Caviar Platform will allow real estate developers to raise funds for their upcoming projects, and for Caviar token holders to earn additional rewards by staking their tokens. Caviar launches its pre-sale on November 28 with the goal of raising $25 million.

Caviar’s team of advisors includes the esteemed blockchain investment expert David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital; Ivan Labrie, a top trader on; James Sowers, ICO Advisor, Angel Investor and Crypto Capitalist; Gabriel Jarrosson, a French entrepreneur, crypto investor and a founder of a private crypto investment group; NASA-recognized inventor and data scientist David Wirth; Mikhail Savchenko, CTO at; and James Jamil, Executive Director of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance. Commenting on what differentiates Caviar and their reasons to join, several advisors shared the following:


  • Investors Uniquely Offered Real Assets: “While there are immense profits to be made from the volatility of the market, investors of cryptocurrency are offered little in the way of real assets. Caviar has a compelling offering with a diversified approach in real estate, cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets that lowers the cost of management, reduces entry costs for investors, and removes the problem of illiquidity associated with traditional real estate investments. I am proud to join Caviar’s innovative team of blockchain, real estate, technology and finance experts as they prepare for their ICO,” said Drake.
  • Hedging Exposure in a Bear Market: “In my experience as a trader, I found that Caviar’s offering could be a great alternative for storing value in crypto, without having to deal with security or volatility risks. The fund would deal with positioning in and out of crypto assets, and with security of funds which would result in lower risk than holding any other crypto asset. During a bear market or market correction, crypto assets outside of fiat pegged ones, would suffer a loss in value, which could be severe. An individual holding BTC or any other coin, would have significant risk if holding funds at an exchange, but would also have a hard time securing funds unless tech savvy: it’s a real problem, having no way to hedge exposure without dealing with custodians and associated risks due to how correlated all coins are, and dependent on BTC. I haven’t seen a similar project, outside of the ones that offer tokenized fund management — which aren’t doing too well for now,” Labrie stated.
  • From a Data Perspective — Caviar Different in a Good Way: “Caviar has a two-pronged approach to ensuring profitability for token holders. It relies on hard assets (in this case, short term loans for real estate improvement) to provide limited downside protection, and also a unique predictive model (IPM) I helped develop, which will be used to build a robust and aggressive hedge-fund-like portfolio of novel crypto assets and cryptocurrencies. Unlike other ICO’s on the market, such a system will use an artificial intelligence engine which draws upon large databases collected and aggregated by automated systems. The engine will allow us to capitalize on unique opportunities in the cryotocurrency markets and build positions quicker than other ICO’s,” Wirth stated.


Real Estate a Key Role in Diversification Strategy

In a recent Caviar blog post, partner Guy Neumann further explains real estate’s role in Caviar’s diversification strategy. Caviar combines large cap and most stable cryptocurrencies, select new token projects, and real estate, utilizing its’ proprietary Intelligent Predictive Model in order to perfectly time investment decisions. Caviar is the successor to Caviar Capital, which, in the past five years, successfully financed dozens of redevelopment projects and has a 0% default rate, 0 late payments and an average IRR (internal rate of return) of 16% per year. Since its inception, Caviar Capital has consistently outperformed S&P 500 Real Estate and S&P 500 Bond indices by over 300%.

According to Neumann, Caviar’s team requires borrowers to have demonstrated a history of completing at least three real estate development projects in the past. “We work with seasoned developers, those who take their business seriously and do it full time,” noted Neumann.

One of those established customers is Corey Kosiensky, a Connecticut-based Real Estate Developer and Caviar Capital’s client since 2013, who commented on his experience of working with the team: “It’s been a pleasure working with Caviar’s team for the past 4 years. True professionals, Caviar has been a valued partner, helping my real estate development business expand much faster than I anticipated.”

Higher Returns for Real Estate Investment & Diversified Portfolios for Traditional Investors with Digital Currency

By combining crypto assets and real estate, Caviar aims to offer a higher rate of return than traditional real estate investments, while maximizing downside protection. In addition, Caviar will provide traditional investors with the financial benefits of a more diversified portfolio that includes digital currencies. In a recently published back-tested study of Caviar’s historical performance, partner Alex Shvayetsky noted that:


“If history were to repeat itself (of course, we cannot guarantee future performance), then based on distributions alone, anyone buying tokens at pre-sale with a 30% discount (token price would be $0.07) would triple their investment within one year. These results are not taking into account any token appreciation, which, based on historical performance and Caviar’s buyback mechanism (future performance is not guaranteed), could be significantly more. And, as impressive as these numbers are, Caviar’s long-term advantage would be even more evident in the bear crypto market. During market downturns, which are inevitable, Caviar would be in a unique position to shift more funds to real estate and still provide returns to investors, as well as exposure to real assets as collateral.”


Although cryptocurrency traders can profit from the volatility of the market, they are offered little in the way of real assets.  Caviar provides a unique opportunity for crypto-investors to diversify their portfolio through exposure to real estate.  Caviar’s tokenization approach to investments in real estate, cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets lowers the cost of management, reduces entry costs for investors, and removes the problem of illiquidity associated with traditional real estate investments, as partner Kirill Bensonoff notes in the article “Caviar Token Economics: Liquidity, NAV and Future Growth Explained.”

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Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Caviar Team with 5-Year Track Record Pioneers Dual-Purpose Token for Crypto and Real Estate, Pre-Sale Begins November 28

Apartments in Turkey Available for Purchase Using Bitcoin

Apartments in Turkey Available for Purchase Using Bitcoin

Apartments in Turkey Available for Purchase Using Bitcoin

The owner of the MiaVita Beytepe project in Ankara, Turkey, has announced that its luxury apartments are available for purchase using bitcoin. The apartments are expected to comprise the first real estate transactions to be made using cryptocurrency in Turkey.

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Luxury Apartments in Turkey Are Available for Purchase Using Bitcoin in an Attempt to Capitalize Upon a Growing Interest in Cryptocurrency From Turkish Investors

Apartments in Turkey Available for Purchase Using Bitcoin

The luxury apartments have been realized by the Turkish company Anadolu Akaryakıt ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti, who has named the 114 apartment development the ‘MiaVita Beytepe’ project.

Erdal Daldaban, the “Project Management Firm owner”, has enthusiastically described the foray of MiaVita Beytepe’s into digital currency, emphasizing the growing interest in bitcoin being generated among Turkish investors. “We decided to make sales via Bitcoin, which has recently attracted the attention of Turkish investors with its recent value route, considering that we could also attract the attention of our customers who appreciate their investments like this”, adding that “digital money has become an element that can no longer be ignored for the global economy. The most remarkable progress in these digital currencies was the fact that BitCoin provided technical infrastructure stability and awareness, and the Turkish investor was rightly interested.”

Daldaban has sought to assure potential investors, stating that “bitcoin is independent of monetary policies that control conventional currencies and acts on its own channel as it is not tied to any Central Bank.”

Turkey’s Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency Issued a Statement in 2013 Which Is Seen to Have Confirmed the Legality of Bitcoin

The 2013 release concludes that bitcoin is not considered to be electronic money according to Turkish legislation, “and thus its surveillance and supervision are not possible within the frame of the law.”

Apartments in Turkey Available for Purchase Using Bitcoin

Although Turkey has not updated its official position regarding bitcoin since 2013, Turkey’s Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency announced that it would seek to “prevent the use of alternative spending methods, such as bitcoin, ethereum, and ripple, for illegal gambling activities” as part of an initiative designed to crackdown on black market gambling. During August of last year, Turkey’s sole bitcoin exchange, BTCturk, announced that it would cease operations due to its inability to find a banking partner – suggesting that despite bitcoin’s legal status within Turkey, domestic financial institutions are hesitant to partner with cryptocurrency businesses.

The MiaVita Beytepe project joins a number of up-market properties that have been listed for sale in exchange for bitcoins in recent months. During last week, a home in Austin, Texas was sold in exchange for bitcoin. A London home was also listed for sale with a minimum asking price of 500 bitcoins last week. At the start of the month, Michelle Mone and Douglas Barrowman announced plans to sell 1,133 Dubai apartments in exchange for bitcoin, in partnership with Bitpay and Knox Group, with the 40-storey tower apartments set to become the first properties in Dubai’s Science part to be priced and sold in exchange for a cryptocurrency settlement. This year has also seen two properties situated in the Canadian city of Coquitlam listed on Hong Kong’s Craigslist in exchange for sums of bitcoin, despite cryptocurrency existing outside of Canadian finance and property regulations.

Would you consider purchasing or selling property in exchange for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Apartments in Turkey Available for Purchase Using Bitcoin

REX Announces Their New Decentralized Real Estate Platform and Upcoming Token Sale

Bitcoin Press Release: REX, a decentralized global property listing and transaction based platform announce their upcoming token sale for July 2017

June 22, 2017, Princeton, New Jersey – Blockchain-based property listing and transaction platform, REX has announced its upcoming token sale, set for launch the last week in July, 2017. The token sale will allow contributors to participate in the platform that connects vendors, buyers, sellers and agents over a global decentralized network. REX is in the process of building a universal real estate listing database that is open and accessible to all. The platform has a built in incentive system to reward contributors, thereby encouraging the users to create more listings.

Through its platform, REX aims to reinvent an industry that has seen little to no technical innovation in recent years. The open MLS built on Ethereum enables REX to make real estate transactions cheaper and more efficient. The platform’s model offers a new twist to the age-old system, bringing it up to speed with present day technologies.

Most individuals who has ever bought or sold a home would have used a Multiple Listing Service, also known as MLS. These MLS’ originated in the late 1800’s when real estate agents would regularly congregate to exchange information about the properties they were trying to sell. The present-day MLS network includes over 800 regional databases that are accessible mostly to licensed agents and brokers with an active membership. Each regional multiple listing service has its own listings, and agents are required to pay fees to access each individual database.

REX believes that building a multiple listing service on the Ethereum blockchain will offer massive benefits, otherwise not feasible within the traditional systems. By developing a multiple listing service on Ethereum blockchain, REX can create a set of global standards for listings, allowing for enhanced interoperability between applications and participants in the market.

A Real Estate Data Trove

The world’s data is currently dominated by large technology companies like Google and Facebook. The network effects they have managed to create with the scale of their platforms is strengthening their stranglehold on global information. The same trend is visible in the real estate industry, where large MLS’ leave little room for smaller players to operate.

Blockchain technology has the potential to offer much stronger network effects. Token economics give individuals the ability to incentivize contributions to the network and enable the distribution of platforms to the participants who make them tick. Blockchain technology has the potential to open up data for developers, data scientists and give AI the possibility to hack away at this pool of information that is currently over-controlled.

The REX token’s initial purpose will be to incentivize users to upload listings and reduce spam. Anyone can upload a listing to REX and listing rewards are distributed in exchange to verified users. REX will provide Proof of Approvals (PoA) to users submitting listings that are not their own. PoAs will require evidence from the user that the listing broker or landlord has authorized them to create listings on their behalf. This mechanism can build an open database that will power real estate dApps in the future and change the way properties around the world are bought, sold and discovered.

Starting Small with a Big Vision

REX believes that opening their global multiple listing service is the first step in a roadmap that will enable them to revolutionize the industry. It is estimated that MLS plays a significant role in over 90% of all real estate transactions that happen in the United States. REX believes that its initiative will show how the Ethereum blockchain can have a positive effect on the industry.

By supplanting an important group of providers in the industry with new, free, open-source technology, REX offers an opportunity for users to put its database and the Ethereum network to test and experience its advantages first-hand.

With the creation of a blockchain solution for the real estate industry, REX intends to consolidate its position in the segment as the cryptocurrency revolution catches up with the industry, gradually replacing the existing systems with blockchain-based tools. As the shift happens, REX can to execute its long-term vision of reducing costs, improving transparency and increasing the speed at which real estate transactions around the world unfold.

REX Token Sale

The upcoming REX token sale in July 2017 will enable the platform to raise the necessary funds required to build and scale the database. The funding will also help REX introduce transaction phases within the platform. The company intends to release the pre-alpha version of its platform in mid-July 2017, followed by a full-fledged launch in January 2018.

About the REX Team

Stephen King, CEO/Co-Founder
Stephen King is an entrepreneur with a focus on real estate and blockchain technology. Stephen graduated from the University of Denver in 2009 with a dual degree in real estate and international business. After University, Stephen worked in entitlements, construction management, and real estate finance. Since 2013, Stephen has built/lead King Realty Group in Princeton, New Jersey and participated in over tens of millions worth real estate transactions. Stephen has worked on several real estate related technology startups and is the founder of Princeton Ethereum Meetup.

Russell McLernon, CTO/Co-Founder
Russell McLernon is a technology strategist with over 15 years in enterprise software development and over seven years in blockchain related development and projects. After University and working at several major software firms, Russell has created a number of blockchain related projects on NXT and Ripple. Russell is a technical guru with an instinct for instantly deciphering user needs.

Visit the Official Website Here –

Media Contact

Contact Name: Lauren Glasses
Contact Email:
Location: Los Angeles, CA

REX is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


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The post REX Announces Their New Decentralized Real Estate Platform and Upcoming Token Sale appeared first on Bitcoin PR Buzz.

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REX Announces Their New Decentralized Real Estate Platform and Upcoming Token Sale